My First Home

This page is to document and show the construction process of my first house.  All of the pictures I’ve taken are in the gallery along with a little more info on how the construction process is going as well.

Time Line
January 31, 2011: Contract signed.

April 30, 2011: Foundation poured.

May 4, 2011: Back patio poured.
May 6, 2011: Framing started.
May 7, 2011: Roof framing started and exterior walls were boarded.
May 9th: Trim around the roof frame was done.
May 10th: Roof was boarded, stairs and vents were put in and the windows and back door was put in.
May 11th: Black paper stuff (I seriously don’t know what it’s called) was put on the roof and more framing work was being done inside in the attic.
May 12th: Plumbing was started, brick retaining straps were nailed to the outside walls and more framing in the attic was done.
May 13th: More plumbing was done, gas lines were run (except to outside fire place), hot water heater was installed and the home heater was installed.
May 16th: More plumbing and the gas line was run to the outside fire place.  The duct work and vents were installed to all of the rooms, the switch for the thermostat was moved to the correct location and the bathtub for the 2nd bathroom was installed.
May 17th: More plumbing again.  Water outlets for the water hoses were installed on both sides of the house.  More gas lines were run, most of the roof was put on (shingles) and the electrician started running the electrical wires.
May 18th: More electrical work was done.  Wires were run to the boxes, light fixture bases were attached and placed in all of the rooms and in the garage.
May 18th: More electrical work was done.  Wires were run to the boxes, light fixture bases were attached and placed in all of the rooms and in the garage.
May 19th: Wiring for the alarm system and coax cables were run.May 20th: Drywall and bricks were delivered to the home site.
May 20th: Drywall and bricks were delivered to the home site.
May 23rd: Sand and brick mortar was delivered to the site, and a lot of the trash/debris was cleaned up inside the house.
May 24th: Brick laying was started and the plumber came back to fix the pipe work for the water filtration system.
May 25th: More brick work and the spray foam insulation was sprayed in the house.
May 26th: Most of the brick work was finished and the batt (fiberglass) installation was installed in the house.
May 27th: Drywall was put up.
May 28th: Drywall mud was put on to fill in the seams and screw holes and the debris (broken bricks and mortar) was cleaned up.
May 31st: The walls and ceilings were sanded smooth.

June 1st: First coat of paint/primer was put on and the cabinets were delivered and installed.
June 2nd: The rest of the doors for the house, the oak treads for the stairs, the trim/molding and mantel were delivered.
June 3rd: The doors that were delivered and door trim were put in.
June 4th: Most of the window and floor trim was put in and the shutters on the two bedrooms in the front were put on. Mantel was put in.
June 6th: More trim work and crown molding was done. The shutters on the windows in the garage was put on.
June 7th: More detail trim was put in and the post for the outdoor living area was put in.
June 8th: Interior trim was finished and the shutters for the room above the garage was put in.
June 9th: Dimples and visible seams in the walls were filled in, and the seams in some of the trim were filled with sealant.
June 10th: Walls were sanded again and the interior trim around the doors and windows were painted. Interior Doors and crown molding were painted as well.
June 13th: First layer of paint was done and the tile for both bathroom floors was laid.  Frame for the driveway and walkway to the door was put up.
June 14th: Shows were tiled (no grout) and the driveway/walkway to front door was poured.
June 15th: Bathroom tile had grout put in, and the kitchen tile was laid down.
June 16th: Garage door and gutters were installed.
June 17th: Bathroom/Kitchen faucets and fixtures, jacuzzi bathtub, dishwasher and AC unit and thermostat were installed.
June 20th: Ceiling fans and some of the light fixtures were put in. Yard area was leveled off to prepare it for sod.
June 21th: Sod was laid down on the property and some of the electrical outlets were put in. AC was found to be working and in use as well.
June 22nd: The remaining light fixtures, switches and electrical outlets were installed. Bathroom mirrors were put in, and circuit breakers were put into the main breaker box. Shutters, front door and outdoor living area support post were stained as well.